The book that’s helping toddlers poop

Nervous Nolan Bison Goes Poopy on the Potty was written to help the author’s son get over his reservations about pooping on the potty/toilet. Now it has helped a whole lot more children as well!

Rated 5 Stars by Readers’ Favorite!

Rated 5 Stars by Readers’ Favorite

Nervous Nolan Bison Goes Poopy on the Potty is an encouraging rhyming story. Kevin Christmann did a wonderful job of crafting this book for youngsters who may have trouble pooping on the potty. The story is engaging, educational, and entertaining. It's about Nolan, a tiny bison who is too nervous and scared to go poopy on the potty. Nolan loves diapers because they feel safe, but now that he has to poop, he wishes he had the courage to try the potty. Luckily, his mother offers him some encouraging words, and then his friend, Nina (a deer), tells him she doesn't wear diapers anymore. Their words motivate Nolan to be brave and overcome his fear. Nolan's accomplishment calls for a big celebration.

Nervous Nolan Bison Goes Poopy on the Potty is a great book encouraging little ones to try the potty. It shows children that being nervous is okay when going on the potty. It will convince them that pooping on the toilet is not scary as they may think it is, and they can try the potty at their own pace. Kevin Christmann's book contains vibrant, action-packed illustrations featuring activities that perfectly mix fun and learning. This rhyming story will capture any toddler's attention, especially those who love animals. It's a must-have for parents or grandparents having a bit of a struggle with potty training. It shows how to offer the gentle support and encouragement a toddler may need during potty training.

"it's definitely working the way we need it to. If your child has trouble sitting still while potty training you may want to give this book a try."

5 Stars! - Verified Purchase Amazon Review

"I absolutely loved it! Perfect for helping little ones overcome potty training fears and making it fun."

5 Stars! - Verified Purchase Amazon Review

"Such a cute book. My 2.5 year old son loves it. We've been potty training for a week now"

5 Stars! - Verified Purchase Amazon Review

"My 3-year-old son loves Nervous Nolan! Seeing this adorable bison get over his fear has helped my son feel more confident pooping on the potty. Highly recommend!"

5 Stars! - Verified Purchase Amazon Review

Nolan was nervous…

what is Nervous Nolan going to feel nervous about next?

Nervous Nolan Bison Goes Poopy on the Potty

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Nervous Nolan Bison Goes to School

Coming in 2023!

Nervous Nolan Bison is Scared of the Dark

Release Date TBD


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